Introducing the iSERIES

Introducing the iSeries®

The first and only multi-split product that combines the best of ducted and ductless together. The iSeries allows you to combine the advantages of The Unico System — even temperatures, no drafts, better aesthetics — along with high wall units to help solve any design or construction challenge.

Zoning: Precise temperatures in precise areas – an iSeries advantage

With the availability to have distinct, thermostatically controlled zones in your home, you make sure that you are only using the energy you need where you need it.

The Unico System ducted system can be easily zoned for individual room control, and multiple systems off of the same outdoor unit mean that the array of zoning possibilities is virtually endless.

The iSeries from Unico System has product match-ups for any project:

• More equipment match-ups than any product on the market today
• Just four outdoor units allow for over 60 different equipment combinations
• All units can be used residentially and commercially
• All units can work in mono-split or multi-split configurations
• A range of high SEER ratings to qualify for local, state and federal rebate programs

Efficiency at any capacity

Whether you need very little heating and cooling, or you need maximum on the coldest and hottest stretches of the year, the iSeries efficiently meets your needs. The iSeries works great, day in and day out, but some days, you need less cooling or heating, and some days, you need quite a bit more.

The iSeries can work its inverter technology so that when you need very little, the outdoor and indoor units can work in concert to use only 10% of the electrical power needed to generate the light cooling or heating you need to stay comfortable.